"We're more than concert promoters, we're community organizers"--Jason Mo, Founder

Trap Karaoke began in the fall of 2015 when Jason Mo, a UGX designer, envisioned what he calls a “user-generated concert” experience, placing fans at the center of the concert experience.

The result? A platform on top of music; a backdrop for life, a nexus into cultural participation, personal empowerment, cherished moments, and human connection.

Trap Karaoke is a fan-centered concert series that's been electrifying North America for the past nine years, selling out shows in over 40 cities. 

With this interactive concert experience, fans get to perform their favorite karaoke songs in front of a roaring crowd, and share the spotlight with surprise guests, which have included Sisqo, LeBron James, Ne-Yo, 2 Chainz, Chance the Rapper, and many more. 

Trap Karaoke celebrates all genres of music including hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeats, and you might even hear some Gospel. Whether you sing bad or you sing good, we just want you to sing your heart out!